Company Secretarial Duties


At Adiel, we believe that a company secretary is vital for the organization and smooth running of any corporate organization from the small privately owned company to the large public corporation.

At the wake of series of high profile corporate collapse, the relevance of adequate corporate governance in a company has only become too obvious. We recognize the importance of good corporate governance to the development and advancement of the company.

Our lawyers are qualified chartered secretaries and act as in-house company secretaries outside. We work to promote improved corporate practice and assist our clients with the integration of corporate governance standards into their company.

Our company secretaries do not only ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the law, we also ensure good organization and administration of the company. We advise the board of directors on matters relating to their fiduciary duties to the shareholders and ensure that the best practices are followed by the board.

We offer the following services in this regard:
• Compliance with relevant Statutory and Regulatory Provisions
• Attending Board Meetings, Shareholders Meetings and Committee Meetings
• Preparation of Notices and Minutes of Meetings
• Corporate Administration and Human Resources Matters
• Corporate Governance
• Attending to Filings with the Relevant Authorities
• Preparing and Maintaining Company Records and Statutory Books
• Advise on Company Law matters
• Communication with Shareholders