Our Copyright practice covers all aspects of copyright law. We help our clients to protect their rights successfully. We advise clients on the selection and protection of their works in order to ensure that someone else does not harvest the commercial profit that rightly belongs to our clients.

The advent of new technologies has radically increased the ease of distribution of information and has, unfortunately, made it more difficult to protect copyrighted works. This has necessitated the alteration of the boundaries of traditional copyright laws.

We assist our clients to understand, protect and monetize their copyrighted materials.

Our clients span across a variety of industries and geographic locations. We have a wealth of experience in helping a range of clients with copyright issues. We represent media agencies, publishers, producers, manufacturers, authors, software developers and technology based companies.

Our practice areas include:
• Searches
• Copyright Application
• Copyright Assignment
• Domain Name Registration
• Copyright Agreements
• Relation with Collecting Societies
• Sale and Acquisition of Copyright
• Licensing
• Infringement and Enforcement Matters