Expertise In All Aspects Of Arbitration & ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution are those methods that can be employed in resolving a dispute without having to go to court such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

We believe in proactive litigation management system with the aim of encouraging alternative dispute resolutions. We evaluate your particular situation and discuss the options available with the aim of saving our clients substantial time and expense through fast and effective dispute resolution methods.

We are committed to securing our client’s goals. We explore all avenues available to our clients and advise them based on the various options they have. We assist our clients with drafting relevant documents and also advise on the strategy to employ at the commencement of the ADR proceedings.

We are able to handle a variety of disputes from the most complex to smaller matters that arise on a more frequent basis.

Our attorneys are experienced in international and domestic arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in diverse sectors to ensure that disputes are resolved in a speedy, informal and cost-effective manner.

Our practice areas include: