Expertise In All Aspects Of Wills, Estate and Trust

We believe that it is never too early to plan ahead for your loved ones and to organize your business according to your desires when you are no longer able to work. We strive to make our clients understand that if they do not make a will, then they are indirectly authorizing others to decide what becomes of their property when they are gone!

Our wills, estate and trust lawyers are able to assist when it comes to the planning and arrangement for the disposition of one’s property in the event of death, retirement or incapacity.

We take the time to listen and understand your desires in order to ensure that your will is a true reflection of how you want your property to be dealt with. We treat all our clients with respect and handle all cases from the very simple to the very complex.

We advise our clients on the best ways to manage and pass on their wealth in order to achieve a seamless and efficient transfer of assets without the risk of expensive legal proceedings that may erode the gifts passed on.

We work closely with other professionals such as accountants and asset and pension managers, to come up with an estate plan that best suits the needs of our clients, taking into consideration the personal complexities of each situation.

Our practice areas include: