Expertise In All Aspects Of Trademark

At Adiel Solicitors, we understand that a trademark or brand name is as important as the product itself. The mark is the confidence the consumer has of the quality of the product or service.

A trademark is therefore crucial not only for the purpose of the identification of a product, but also because it nurtures customer loyalty. Protection of trademark rights is vital for the continued growth and sustainability of a business enterprise.

We offer wide-range of services in ensuring adequate protection of our clients’ trademark rights. Our services include both local and international prosecution of trademarks.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and offer advise on how they can maximize their trademark portfolio and on the selection of strong trademarks, trade names and service marks.

We have established contacts with lawyers in OAPI and ARIPO jurisdictions and work with them for trademark prosecution and other trademark-related matters in those regions.

Our practice areas include: